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Homemade French Toast Sticks Recipe

Homemade French Toast Sticks Recipe ” One of our family’s favorite Breakfast Recipes are these Homemade French Toast Sticks. This Easy French Toast Recipe is made with Texas Toast, so the french toast sticks are nice and thick. Texas Toast can be found in most grocery stores in the bread section.The french toast sticks are …

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Thanksgiving Turkey Pretzel Sticks

Thanksgiving Turkey Pretzel Sticks Aren’t these some of the cutest turkeys you’ve ever seen? I think they’d look great set out in a jar for people to snack on on Thanksgiving Day. And with Thanksgiving just right around the corner, I wanted to share these Turkey Pretzel Sticks! You’re never too old to enjoy these …

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DIY Sinus Allergy Relief Sticks Recipe

DIY Sinus Allergy Relief Sticks Recipe Whether you’re dealing an acute or chronic infection, it’s important that you deal with it promptly. There is always a risk that the infection could travel higher and cause more harm, potentially in the form of meningitis. A humidifier will prevent the dryness associated with sinus infections. They’re both preventative …

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Home Grown Smudge Sticks

Home Grown Smudge Sticks Although they are available commercially — and are fairly inexpensive — it’s easy to make your own if you’ve got herbs growing in your garden, or if there’s a place nearby where you can go wildcrafting. The most common herbs for smudging are white and garden sage. Other herbs can be used, however, …

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20 ideas to make with twigs, sticks and branches

20 ideas to make with twigs, sticks and branches I personally adore branches for their woody appeal. They are reclaimed wood in the most natural of ways. Just walk out your door and gather up some twigs, sticks and branches to make these DIY ideas…..Click the link below…. 20 ideas to make with twigs, sticks and …

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